Letson Epoxy paste 2 gallon kit


époxy paste 2 gallon kit



Epoxy paste is a epoxy gel with quick catch. This product consists of two components is 100% solid and reacts
Even in the presence of moisture. The consistency of the mixture allows applications with varying thicknesses on surfaces
Horizontal, vertical or ceiling. Epoxy paste is very well suited as a structural adhesive. It is used to
Seal the cracks and install at low temperature (2oC).
-Crack clogging
-Installation of the injectors before the works
of injection
-Concrete Repair
Description of the product
Uses benefits
-Easy Mixing Ratio: 1a, 1b
-Tolerates moisture during installation
-Adheres to concrete, wood and metals
-Dries quickly (1 hour, 3 mm and +)
-Does not contain solvent
-Low Odor
Physical properties
Proportion of mixture: 1a: 1b by volume
Viscosity of the mixture: Thixotropic Gel
Lifetime (100 gr): 8-10 minutes
Mix color: Grey
Initial catch time: (24 °c)
3 mm: 60


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