crack flushing


crack flushing


Phosphoric Acid 75%
CRACK FLUSHING AGENT is a concentrated, solvent-free,
non-toxic solution that is diluted on site and used to clean
cracks and construction joints in concrete structures prior
to injection of polyurethane resins.
CRACK FLUSHING AGENT, after dilution to 5% concentration,
is used for the cleaning and preparing of wet, damp or dry
cracks and construction joints in all types of concrete
structures including storage tanks, hydro dams and tunnel
• Inorganic mineral solution, manufactured from
ingredients meeting NSF criterion for use in contact
with potable water
• Non-flammable
• Solvent-free, non-toxic
• Complies with Food Chemical Codex Specifications
Cracks and construction joints in concrete structures are
appropriately cleaned with CRACK FLUSHING AGENT prior to
polyurethane injection
Where to Use
Application – CRACK FLUSHING AGENT, after dilution to 5% concentration, is suitable for use in potable water tanks
and other concrete structures, including moving construction joints and expansion joints, even when seepages or
flowing leaks are encountered.
Substrate – Concrete
How to Use
Preparation – Drill injection holes and set packers for polyurethane injection.
Application – Empty the entire bottle of CRACK FLUSHING AGENT concentrate into approximately 15 L of clean
water and stir for 1 to 2 minutes. Install diluted CRACK FLUSHING AGENT using a single component injection pump;
inject until all visible contamination has been flushed from the crack and a steady flow rate has been achieved.
Clean Up – Flush crack with copious quantities of clean water within 10 minutes. Clean pump and equipment with
lots of clean water immediately upon completion of crack flushing operation. Proceed with polyurethane injection
using separate resin injection equipment.
Technical Data
Component – Phosphoric Acid – 75%
Density (20oC) – 1.573
Viscosity(20oC) – 18 cSt
Mixing Ratio – Pour 1.65 kg bottle into
15 litres of clean water
Colour – Clear
Physical State – Liquid
Shelf Life – 5 years
Packaging – 1.65 kg bottle
TEL: 905-564-7650 FAX: 905-564-7998 TOLL FREE: 1-800-663-6633 CHV4
Phosphoric Acid 75%
• Requires good general ventilation; use mechanical ventilation when used in confined spaces.
• Incompatible with most metals; corrosive to aluminum, stainless steels, carbon steel, copper, and bronze.
Phosphoric Acid is corrosive. Avoid freezing conditions. Store in dry location. Use only in adequate ventilation.
Prevent contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Avoid breathing vapours or mist. Wash hands thoroughly after
handling. Do not ingest. Wear appropriate PPE including impermeable gloves, face shield and safety glasses.
First Aid
For eye contact: flush with water; seek medical attention. For skin contact: immediately flush with water for at least
15 minutes; cover with sterile dressing; seek medical attention. For inhalation: move to fresh air; seek medical
attention. For ingestion: seek medical attention; rinse mouth; do not induce vomiting. Refer to SDS for more
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Company Overview
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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 30 cm


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